Spider veins tend to appear in highly visible areas like your face and legs, where they’re a source of embarrassment for most patients. Mark Matey, DPM, at Jacksonville Vein Specialists can improve your appearance by permanently eliminating spider veins. To learn about the treatments available or to schedule an appointment, use the online booking feature or call one of the three offices, with two locations in Jacksonville and one in Palm Coast, Florida.

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What causes spider veins?

Spider veins appear when blood backs up in tiny veins close to the skin’s surface. As the blood accumulates, the veins get larger, making them look like a spider web of reddish-purple lines.

These unsightly veins most often affect your face and legs, where they develop when valves that keep blood flowing toward your heart become weak and can’t work properly. As a result, the blood flows backward and gets stuck between valves, creating engorged veins.

The valves in small veins often fail when high pressure in larger veins forces tiny veins to dilate and stretch. It’s also possible for spider veins to develop due to direct trauma.

Am I at risk for spider veins?

These factors increase your risk of developing spider veins:


You have a higher chance of spider veins if you have a family history of any type of venous disease.

Older age

Aging affects the tissues in your veins, allowing vein walls and valves to weaken and expand.

Sitting or standing for a long time

Sitting or standing affects circulation in your legs, creating venous hypertension, and increasing the chance of developing spider veins.

Being overweight

Carrying extra weight increases pressure on the veins in your legs, which contributes to spider veins.


Pregnant women have a much higher risk of developing spider veins, as natural hormonal changes weaken vein walls and the baby’s weight increases pressure on leg veins.

What symptoms will I develop due to spider veins?

Spider veins seldom cause physical symptoms. They’re also not dangerous to your health. However, they have a significant impact on your appearance.

How are spider veins treated?

Two types of treatments safely and effectively eliminate spider veins:


Dr. Matey performs sclerotherapy by injecting a medicated solution into the spider vein. The medication makes the vein collapse, then a scar forms that’s gradually absorbed by your body. As a result, the treated veins are permanently eliminated.

Laser treatment

Specialized lasers use specific wavelengths to target the red and blue pigments in veins. This allows the laser to go safely through your skin while heating the spider vein. After the laser’s heat destroys the spider veins, they’re naturally absorbed by your body.

If you’re ready to eliminate spider veins, call Jacksonville Vein Specialists or book an appointment online.