Dr. Mark A. Matey

Under the direction of Dr. Mark A. Matey, Jacksonville Vein Specialists provides comprehensive vein care at three locations in Bartram Park, Atlantic Beach, and Palm Coast, Florida. His medical services include the diagnosis and treatment of spider and varicose veins, as well as more complex venous conditions like restless legs syndrome, venous ulcers, and venous stasis dermatitis.

Dr. Matey treated many veterans who suffered from vascular disease and chronic non-healing wounds during his surgical residency at the Miami VAMC. Dr. Matey was extensively trained in the diagnosis, management, and surgical treatment of venous vascular disease of the lower extremities.

After settling down in Jacksonville, Dr. Matey was approached by the Baptist Medical Center to help open its Wound Care Institute, the first center in Northeast Florida to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy for wound healing. At the new center, he gained extensive experience in using a vast array of the most advanced biologic and technical treatments.

One of these innovative therapies stood alone for its profound and lasting impact: endovenous radiofrequency ablation. Dr. Matey immediately saw how this therapy changed lives and decided to dedicate his medical career to continuing to improve the lives of patients with venous disease.

Over the last 15 years, he has gained a wealth of experience, many of those patients being the most complicated and at high risk for limb loss as a result of long-standing chronic venous ulcers. Now all patients in Northeast Florida with venous disease can benefit from his experience successfully treating the legs the other guys turned away, just imagine what he can do with yours.

Dr. Matey and the team at Jacksonville Vein Specialists are dedicated to treating each one of their unique patients like family. Making you feel welcome doesn’t require expensive advertising or a fancy office, just attention to the simple details that create a warm, comfortable atmosphere at each of the three offices.

The team at Jacksonville Vein Specialists strives to educate like a teacher, empathize like a parent, laugh like a close friend, operate like they have done it before, and save you money like your accountant. Patient satisfaction is more important than economics in their office and they refuse to abandon their patients even when your insurance plan has. You will always know what the team is doing, why it’s necessary, and what it will cost. Jacksonville Vein Specialists is proud to provide the most friendly, affordable, and comprehensive vein care in Northeast Florida.

The team at Jacksonville Vein Specialists is available to answer your questions and to schedule appointments. Call the closest office or use the online booking feature.